It shows up in the timeline as an image and will play if clicked, but not … Picked by PCWorld's Editors. But only if videos are muted. Be sure to pay close attention to the overall file size of the video. The autoplay feature has actually been built in to HTML 5 video as an additional attribute – the inclusion of which causes the video mentioned in the element to play automatically. When original video tag has muted attribute its also ommited in new one, except explicit setting in videojs options like {muted: true}. HTML 5 video autoplay. If you are using HTML5, using the Video tag is suitable for this purpose and will not autoplay. Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total) The topic ‘Video Shortcode autoplay is not fully working’ is closed to new replies. In the latest Adobe Captivate version, auto-play is disabled for HTML generated content! It may contain one or more video sources, represented using the src attribute or the source element. Stop video autoplay, advanced skills. No customer really wants autoplaying video with Audio so don't force that on people unless you're 100% sure it's … Works fine in Firefox.... 1 Recommended Answer. I have gone into settings > AutoPlay and selected Ask me everytime under both Removable Drive and Memory Card. I decided to take a shot at it with a fairly simple example of the base use case with the Vidyard player. The bottom line with autoplaying video or audio is that you should not rely on it working any more — no matter what device or the format of the multimedia file you’re using. Not only do autoplaying videos annoy the users of a website, they waste your hosting bandwidth as well as the users’ data bandwidth. For a user, it may be seen as disruptive and that is probably the main reason why many web browsers support options to limit or block autoplaying media. There's some tweaking that will be required to handle certain situations (What if there are two players in view? This document will detail the current state of autoplaying videos in various browsers and Brightcove Player configurations that affect autoplay. Now, I see that I can “autoplay” video by html tag see demo and code. The HTML