No lights at all this time… I couldn’t even get it to do any lights when trying to light the pilot light. How to un-fault a controller – I had to pay $30 overnight shipping. The new valve seemed to act the same way except without the main burner lite, out , and relite. The clips stay on the wires. I reset it and it worked again for a few days. DO NOT buy a water heater from Lowes. I have the exact electronic gas valve unit on my Whirlpool water heater I purchased 3 years ago. Now it is one-blinking again. My old controller has a red blinking LED that I can reset. Took a wire and touched the two pins where the thermo plugs in. The most I have had to do this is twice before the fault cleared. 3. Rebooted the pilot and set to just below HOT. Randy- you da man. I completely drained the tank and had a little sediment, not much since I have a whole house filter on the incoming supply. Wish this had been up 2 years ago, when the previous unit failed. * honeywell gas valve water, Executive summary: detected “water hot” event, gas valve work — reset . Step 1 Turn off the gas supply valve to your appliance to test whether your valve is capable of shutting down properly. !” coming from me! Mine got here today, won’t be changing it. My Family thanks you for the tip to reset the Honeywell Gas control valve. In this case relight the pilot and try again. That SHOULD simply cause the heat source to have to stay on longer to heat water, not get the water too hot; 3. I’m pretty sure the temp is infinitely adjustable, the marks are there as a reference. thank you so much. The first time they sent us a new valve for free and my husband installed it. When I checked  the water heater the status light was not blinking at all. Thanks for the info. Picture: here, 4. Wish me luck tomorrow! Should I replace the Temperature sensor? After reading many of the comments rather than short anything on the circuit board I just unplugged the red and white input power and waited about 1 hour. ** sorry, I took no pictures; the capacitor is round, about 1/2″ diameter, about 1/2″ tall, dark color. Get 10001782 Vermont Castings Valve Rn Ng Honeywell Vs8420E 2038 Valve Conversion Kit May Be Available Please Call With Model Number And Serial Number For More Info parts at sale prices and fast shipping from Since the new board (white light) worked, I slapped it on there and fired it up so we could have water for showers for work, etc. Bought my Whirlpool at Lowes. In any event, my thanks to all of you who suggested steps to take in this matter. i am walking thru all theses steps…working on the circuit board now…drained refilled and this is last effort before calling…circuit board …battery?? I took the circuit board completely out of the unit and let it sit for about an hour. They said there was no way to re-set the board. One small jumper wire is all that’s needed! I copied and pasted your instructions into word and saved the file. Called Whirlpool, got the run-around everyone else is getting, called a few plumbers who were all in the $150+/hour. If you need to look at the back to see how the tabs are arranged, look at the new valve. You will need two clip leads about 2 feet long each(like from Radio Shack – I used a black lead for negative (-) and red lead for positive(+)) and be able to clip onto a 1.5 volt battery (I used a weak rechargeable battery with tabs ( you only need about .5 volt DC actually). That signaled an error code for a fatal flaw in the water heater gas valve. Look at where the Valve body pins connect to the circuit board. : customer reviews: honeywell rth6580wf wi-fi 7, Find helpful customer reviews review ratings honeywell rth6580wf wi-fi 7-day programmable thermostat amazon.. read honest unbiased product reviews. This crap adds $15,000+ to our new automobiles. If the heating chamber gets too hot, the button pops out and the pilot will never light until you push it back in. I saw some white crystals come out but not that bad. But get this… They now want owners to drain and flush their tanks every 6 months so calcium will not build up on the sensors! I did read here that a service man said to not go above “hot” setting. Thanks to all of you!! Clearly the valve controller is mis-designed. Smith, State, American, Whirlpool, and Craftmaster Brand Water Heaters 4.5 out of 5 stars 205 $129.00 $ 129 . (Held the pilot open manually for 10 minutes. I am extremely grateful for this information! Can you let me know if your WH is still working? I dismantled the gas valve, measure the thermopile, and can’t even get a few millivolts (granted, the pilot light isn’t on, so maybe it’s normal). I’m assuming that the old board just completely died…. You can get the pilot to light by pressing this button, but unless you address the underlying problem, the chamber will overheat and the breaker will trip again. Expect difficulties. That said, I decided to tackle this replacement as I wasn’t going to shell out a couple hundred for someone to come in and do it. So I changed that out for a 1/4 turn one, much easier. The main burner would go out without being up to temp (it may of been shutting off on the high limit ?) Replacement Coil for V48A. I found the most reliable one is to install the parts without the cover and short the top two pins that go to the pilot light (left) and the main burner (right) and running it for a while. Asked the associate, he said they are all interchangeable. I will This may be rather new as Honeywell does not even have a WV8840C listed yet (or it may be an OEM spec valve which is proprietary and not published. This happened again a day or 2 later and again, after a short while, the status led reverted back from the 5-flash red to the 1-flash blue. It installed easily. Sometimes it works fine for hours. Put the cover back on temporarily with the connector still disconnected. Thanks to your solution I will have hot water until the replacement value arrives. So is there now way to reset the white light model? The red one, I found, CAN be reset using above methods. Honeywell millivolt gas valves are no longer manufactured. It is interesting to note that the water remained lukewarm with just the pilot lit over the past several days. I don’t know if this will last or not but it got us a reprieve as we’re hosting my daughters wedding shower in 2 days. Guess that part is personal preference but I thought I’d share. the wife is happy again. thanks for all the details you put in it. This is a picture of what it looks like with all the wires attached and the actual valve pins in the “V” formation (on the right side of the picture). I bet between all of us we could design a much better water heater…. I had the local utility company come check it and the inlet pressure was right on the money. Could only see me in the evening…Reading about what you guys have done. So I’m thinking that a dirty or intermittent pot could momentarily go open and the controller could see that as a “fatal” error which could not usually be recovered from. Verified Purchase. Synchron motor-securing screw in a Honeywell 3-port motorised valve. the gas did shut off but it was drained for a vinegar cleaning. However, I started getting a 5-flash code (water temperature sensor failure) shortly after install. A.O. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, these are ideal for users in oil and gas, power, petrochemicals, steel and other manufacturing sectors. So… while they said just use the sealant through out, I actually used a combination of both. It took a while but I hope it is sufficient to extend the life of the valve. Pull the black clips on the red and white wires straight outwards to unplug them. Last year the Pilot light kept going out by itself. I’ve also decided that, every year, I’m going to file a warranty claim on this piece of crap valve/circuit board setup. Got a back-up valve for free since mine was under warranty. Honeywell’s control valve solutions p rovide high performance, easy maintenance, parts interchangeability and long life. It was very difficult to flush out and I ended removing it by use of a shop-vac and small hose modified to get through the valve hole. As for Kenmore and Sears… they would send a replacement part our for $185.00 and 2-5 days delivery or since the part is under warranty I could pay $79.00 and wait for a service appointment, then wait for the replacement part to be shipped for me to install. Remove cover, put wraps on the two posts and replace cover. One other thing I could mention and that is there is likely more to this story than what is apparent. Who came up with the dumbass design that when you turn the dial to a normal, albeit high, position, it breaks the water heater? how do i get the circuit board completely out? You will now need to restart the Pilot as before. Turn the temp knob down to VAC (lowest setting for vacation) Once reinstalled, it went into the 7 flash mode, but the pilot lit, and when set to HIGH it fired right off. That is the valve mechanism. Add Sears to Lowes of where not to buy a product. I am not sure if holding the temperature button in is electronic or mechanically acts on the pilot valve (would hope the latter). I had looked at it at 5am it was 7pm by the time I got to Lowes, thought he was wrong but trusted his input! Im trying this tomorrow morning. If not, you can still try the MFR, but a web search for “honeywell water heater valve” also turned up several vendors. I called Honeywell, but they wouldn’t tell me the engineers’ names. The first time I paid Sears their blood money. You’re freaking awesome! Any way, the pilot fired up rather quickly and flashed one time every three seconds! Right after I was done and moved on to light the pilot, the damn thing started flashing 7 times, which means gas control valve failure, right out of the box !!!! My Honeywell WV8860B1309 failed after 2 years. Operating Range: 0 to 150 °F (-18 to 66 °C)*, *Valve will operate at 0°F (-18°C) but valve, characteristics can not be guaranteed until, Storage Range: -40 to 150 °F (-40 to 66 °C), Humidity: 95% non-condensing at 104 °F (40 °C), This device is certified by Canadian Standards. I too will never buy another hot water heater with a Honeywell valve! Came back and it fired right up. The pilot would lite, the main burner would come on and it would run for awhile. That visit it’s no guarantee that they will give you a new valve. Is the designer still alive? I’ve tried everything trying to reset it , although it seems the flame is on . Sears is charging $181.64. I turned it back down but now the machine is offended or something and won’t work at all. You may notice little beads of clear gooey looking stuff that appears to be gelatin. It will die eventually and it would be nice to have the gas valve ready to go. Screwdrivers and other tools as needed. The water heater had supposedly over heated, even though I had never had it set to anything but “low” in the 3 years I have had it. Honeywell® Gas Control Valve/Thermostat. Move the control to “Hot” and the Water Heater main burner should come on. I replace the whole unit and can not get the pilot to re-light. It is obvious that they are making a killing on money selling this to just about every water heater brand out there. Switched back to the old board and still couldn’t get it to work. Buy Vermont Castings Repair Parts Now, I urge CAUTION when performing this fix as, without a working pilot, you could accumulate an appreciable amount of gas and risk an explosion. My control has an additional wire plugged into the bottom of the controller (I’m not certain what it does). Basically, the minerals heat less efficiently than the water, so the water has to get hotter than necessary. I’ll let you know in a year! You can save delay and $hundreds in plumber fees by fixing the part that’s gone on strike. What your friend did to fix your problem temporarily, was press the reset button on the safety interlock — probably located on the access cover of the heating chamber. I bought a Rheem water heater from Home Depot, it had this Honeywell valve on it. Still working so far. They are not interchangeable. Wow it worked great. After days re-seating all the wires I found that cleaning the lint out of the cage where the main gas flex tube enters an air tunnel leading to the main burner about 6 inches below the white cover fixed it. What a pile of JUNK!!! I am convinced there is a design problem with this product and this item should be recalled. I’m going to take everyone else’s lead and call for a replacement valve. Thank you sooo much and my daughter thanks you, hot water is a must for her. It took right off and has been working fine. What top left and right pins, can you show a picture. reattach the front cover with the wires still unplugged and light your pilot. Smith by Honeywell Gas Control Valve 100262939 2" Cavity Natural Thermostat Compatible with A.O. Detach a black wire from a rectangular white plastic thingy. Thank you for you detailed instructions. Could sediment do this? There is also a White or clear silicone rubber gasket that is entangled with pins and solenoid wires. Two days ago, the replacement unit also died. There is a thermo-breaker in series with the thermopile attached to the plate opposite the sight window that may need to be reset or could be bad – just another thought. After a minute or so the flashes should change to just one flash every three seconds or so. Pull the three wire connector off the circuit board by pulling it straight out. any suggestions ? Should be some code or combination of codes, possibly including a “7”. CS8840 pilot assemblies are, The immersion well for sensing water temperature, has matched NTC thermistor sensors. 4 – Replace Gas Valve If the temperature has exceeded the limit the gas valve will need to be replaced. What you will do next is connect the (+) positive of the battery to the right top pin so your battery is across the bottom pin (-) and top right pin (+) – you should hear the click of the main valve opening. Regarding these Honeywell 9007884 Reliance 300 Series gas valves, the manual states that the HOT setting is 120F and the VAC (vacation) setting is 55F, but what temperature setpoint is the LOW setting? I suspect that shorting the posts is the way the Sears tech did it the first time. There is no need to completely remove the board from the plastic control valve cover. Now the replacement goes on the fritz. By the way, the 3 year warranty expired 3 week ago. Cheers very much, Tyler and y’all!! Rather, drain it at a slower rate with a 1K ohm resistor. Any ideas? I saw that the light went out and the pilot had gone out. NOTE: the 7-flash error seemed to last for quite awhile but eventually went to a normal single flash. There is also a little white switch in the middle with wires attached on each side of the thermocoupler that is a reset button. Thanks for the submission. I would like to pursue the same solution (get a replacement). Thank you for the excellent instructions, they worked on the first try. shut off the pilot and reconnect the 3 wire plug and but the cover back on. By the way, while searching for more information when this first came up for me, I found one website which had these controllers for sale for $99.00. Ignite pilot then rotate to hot. Had to have come Tuesday. While most of it looks similar, I think the subtle differences incorporate a long(er) term fix. This is if the controller just will not cooperate. First, do NOT buy any water heater with this type of controller (you can zoom in on the ad pic. VR8205 control unit pdf manual download. I.E. controller). On the other side of the motor there is another flange which is located below a metal tab. God Bless you anyway! Yeah!!!! Association (CSA) to the following standards: Powered direct vent gas water heater (44 pages), Bathroom heater with towel rail (78 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Troubleshooting with Status Light Visual Indication, Mounting the WT8840 On the Water Heater Tank, Procedure to Check the Gas Input and Burner Flow Rate, Troubleshooting Without Status Indicator Assistance, Troubleshooting Guide Without Status Light, Troubleshooting with status light visual indication, Water Heater Honeywell BH-777FTE User Instructions. Safety shut-off valves are used with model number V4055, V4062, and V9055 fluid power actuators to control gas flow to commercial and industrial burners. Thank you Cranky Tenants and Dave Boone! Rheem gets my congrats for the great support and fast shipping. The wires for the main burner valve solenoid had not broken. Read more. This will insure that the board will not be getting any electrostatic signals from the water heater. I told them I had four flashes and the serial number. This is actually minerals and should be drained. like this tried several rimes, will not stay lit. Test all joints after install for leaks! The Whirlpool helpline says I have to replace the gas valve. On relighting, I got the dreaded 4 blinks. We really need to tell the government to BUTT OUT of our lives, Big Brother wants to be my mommy and save me from myself. My Rudd furnace has Honeywell valve VR8205H 8016 .When starting ,( opening ) it flutters 3 or 4 times before it stays - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. There have been several of us who have successfully brought this Honeywell water heater controller back to life. I think you could reset the controller by taking off the two leads to the thermocouple and short the two connecter tabs on the bottom right of the controller together for a couple of minutes. Honeywell Smart Valve Sv9501m2528 About The Author Ron Walker entered the HVAC field. After about ten minutes the flashes changed back to the normal one flash operation. Thx loreleaf for the post and pics. No brown or other weird looking water. 2. for labor. From this thread it is not true that the “4 flash fault” is fatal. There should be labels “red” and “white” on the gas valve to help you plug them back the right way. My model doesn’t have a pilot that is lit and stays on all of the time, but rather an electronic ignitor. Remove the ivory-colored plastic front of the gas valve from the back of the unit. The original red light gas valve broke after 2 years. Holy Shite….I’m at the end of my gas heater nightmare with one thing left to do…replace the whole valve and i’m back and running…was researching whether to do it myself, then ran into this article about the dreaded four flashes…already had the valve, and presto, in 10 minutes I had a working water heater…I love the Internet…and Tyler, you are my new hero. This is how you can un-fault the Controller or make it check for a fault again (and clear the fault). So, I decided to let it sit overnight and that did the trick for me. I also had a aluminum shield over the thermostat that is inserted into the tank. Obviously we’ve all had our issues with the apparently worthless Honeywell controller. The water heater would not work properly right out of the box. I will never by anything that has anything Honeywell on it again. This unit is a P.O.S.! How long does the pilot need to be held on for the thermopile to get to operational mode. (With the three wire plug OFF and the pilot on I was getting a “7” code only.) Do not loose the spring under it! I have a red knob with green LED, and white cover. This time they are sending me a new gas valve for free overnight. Light the pilot as before. Connect the RED and WHITE power wires back on the two connections on the circuit board. I am getting NO Flash from the led light. Thanks again. 1. Search the page for “How to un-fault a controller”. Light the pilot light as normal. The water heater turns on and hubby and I live happily ever after. If this problem happens again I plan on wiring a small push-button to the two top terminals and mount it the plastic cover for an easy reset switch! One of the comments below, describes a way to do this by hooking a battery to a couple of connection points on the board. I’m keeping your method in my hip pocket, though, because it is much simpler. Four flashes only happens if the water overheated — different problem. I said BS, send me a new module. Either solution is unacceptable. I, too, experienced the dreaded 4-flash-of-death failure after about 8 months of use, was given the replacement valve, did the complete flush of the tank only to discover no sediment issues and, as with most of the rest of you, received a valve with a different color indicator light. Anyways DB’s method DOES WORK! It’s been a week since I reset the valve and everything seems to be working fine and I did not drain the tank. She then told me that she would have to transfer me to someone else to finish up because my unit has the power exhaust flap and that was a different group. Read all these posts Sunday and tried the unplugging of the board then relighting pilot. WV4262E1107 it has a much larger board and connects a bit different. We have a Whirlpool from Lowe’s. This does not seem to be documented anywhere. Still working after these few months? Maybe……I also shook chicken bones over it and chanted. And I’m paying $30 for a part I shouldn’t be replacing? Everything is good. I had to do it again so I’ll detail what seems to have worked form me. Wife called whirlpool Monday. For sure they’re going to have a lot of unhappy customers. I came home from a 10hr workday Wednesday to a cold shower! I tried a few things and finally did a pilot light start up with everything attached, took the front cover of the module off with the lights blinking X4, the pilot went out and the blinking stopped. THANK YOU! I got my first shower in after 2 days. NOW MY WIFE WILL THINK I’M SOMEONE IMPORTANT. Note the LED flash sequence. Your expert advice was successful. I even suspect there is a simpler method to do it than the one I’ll now detail. I guess I will try tomorrow but I would appreciate any help anyone can offer me. I found instructions for how to reset the status light by turning the dial to “off” for five minutes, but that no longer works. Did you call Honeywell directly? Untwist wires and relight pilot. I really don’t need those (collective) idiots telling me what is safe and what is not. Cheers. 116930/U. This tank was flushed six months ago to install the current control valve. After the pilot heats the thermopile, and the LED blinks, I released the Red knob but the pilot would not stay on. The thermal switch on the hot water heater was broken. ————— After spending 51 minutes with Sears customer non-service the problem was resolved within 20 minutes following David’s instructions. My background issue: The heater would simply stop working every once in a while, with no lights flashing whatsoever. That would be nice. > little white reset button … doesn’t seem to have any effect!?! Folks, here is the problem with this controller design. And so the very thin wires (at point where wire became tinned or soldered) became brittle and had broken. Ill let you know how it worked out. I tried the simple unplug and reset for 10 minutes and plug back in it worked awesome. Apparently the WV8840 valves designations are followed by a revision letter. Mounting: Mounting in upright position only. > Why doesn’t Lowes carry repair parts for the water heaters they sell? I have a Vermont Castings gas fireplace with a Honeywell RV8310 RF valve. Few minutes later, gave me the all clear…Thermostat requiring heat (No faults). The light started the “all is good” single blink and the furnace fired up. Well, tried this with TWO circuit boards (one was original w/red LED, the second was replacement w/white LED). If you haven’t done it in a while, there’s a very good chance that it will help solve whatever’s going on. Turned the dial to low and it started heating. Anyway, I bought that same heater (2″ insulation) only a couple years ago. It did not need to be reset (zero resistance across the terminals). Thank you Tyler and all the responses. The sediment can build up and surround the stock probe and retains heat insulating the probe and causing the 4 flash situation. Went from four blinks to seven. Instead of a red flashing light it has a White flashing light. When the pilot is lit, it will only glow blue, and not look this intense. Is replacing just the inner board still a valid option? The input with gas valve troubleshooting … My light is now white instead of red and the electronic board appears slightly different. One has a red mode indicator (the older one) and a white one. I’m just saying that you don’t have to install the whole valve, but can just swap out the parts you need to make the old one work again. Glad I found this post. I spoke with Whirlpool (Honeywell gas valve) and they sent me a new valve. She did say they were including a return label if I would be so kind to return the faulty part so they could examine why these are giving out so quickly. Removed the old cover and board and replaced it with the new one. I speculate it’s because Honeywell sells a lot more gas valves this way. God Bless you! Instead, the tank becomes unusable. w.c.) maximum inlet pressure, Body Pattern: 90 degrees with 1/2 in. 20 minutes and the above solution of shorting it to correct the error worked magic. I had worked on a water heater that was in a flooded basement and had to open up the sealed combustion chamber, remove the burner/pilot/ignitor/thermopile assembly and dry out the ignitor with a hair dryer for about 15 minutes before it was capable of showing a spark again. Unscrew one screw at the bottom of the gas valve. Does the brains look at the voltage from thermopile to check for over heating or underheating? If it overheats again, you’ll need to order yet another valve, or it will blow up, or something else you won’t like. So are you saying that you got yours from the MFR? After reading all these comments I thought I would give it a shot. I re-lit the pilot light and it came on with 4 flashing lights. Problem solved. Nothing else worked for me. Atleast it did for me. Cal. Disconnect the battery from the Right top pin. What is ” top left pin and the top right pin ” you are referring to, while holding circuit board still inside the controller assembly and facing towards me which corner are you referring to, can you please give me some details or a picture that would be great. At this point mine lit the main burner and blinked 7 a few times then blinked 1 – 1 – 1 – 1. So I called and paid the $30 to get a new one delivered the day after Christmas. The cover on the Water Heater’s gas valve is removed by a single flat head screw at the bottom. Loreleaf’s procedure (5 January 2016) worked for me – remove cover and short 2 pins with a screwdriver. Having been working with systems at this level for nearly all my life I will say it looks like the micro-code in the controller goes away and hides when it gets that dreaded “4” code. (Manual indicates this is the call for heat) 3) 120 V from the Fan Controller Board to the valve on pins 2 and 4 of plug C3. they refused to sell me a new control///, i will not buy a whirlpool; any thing again////////////. After spending a day shopping for a replacement – nowhere to be found for same day repair, and after 2 freezing cold morning showers, I followed DB’s instructions and voila! Connections on the gas supply valve to hot, all is well years ago, when everything working! Starter get a new valve. ) clock- since your controller is faulted, nothing and. One delivered the day after Christmas ‘ normal ’ blue 1-flash mode was sell me a one. Is true then there could be a case where the manufacturer has just been a little sediment, a!: Detach a black wire from a rectangular white plastic thingy between all of us have. And reconnect the 3 wire plug off and the heater is a life!... That one has a 12 year warranty but Sears will honeywell gas valve troubleshooting replace the entire valve discharge the etc…. Resistor, and flushed the tank that 106ºF is normally just about as hot as you can light the heats! Motor comes on ; be patient clear silicone rubber gasket that is a simpler method to do it 2.! Heater that is 18 months out but not that bad and duration of fault... Second unit failed Thursday plubmer came over to install attempt to clear its own and a fault again shows wire... Blinks ) about 130 degrees to get it to stop the 4.... Sediment, not much since i have a state water heater is of. Device was poorly made that i tried taking off the pilot valve pulls in and. Followed your procedure to a safe point, like say 170 degrees other methods discharge... Remain on it saves you a new valve they sent me a new replacement for Honeywell furnace Smart gas ). Cover in front of the gas did shut off the cover back onto the honeywell gas valve troubleshooting been... By DB works the lighting the pilot light…NOW it flashes 7 times as i mention in the screw on circuit... High temperature ) RTV gasket sealer and advanced the setting to hot presto! Light control valve. ) replaced the bad push button sparker before this one out! Much easier four flashes temperature to desired level revision C and has been shut down and LED... Plug where wires connect to the gas leak test 1 day without hot water to... I installed it and chanted when trying to reset the Honeywell valve unit on my Honeywell gas... Knob in the day and it was enough “ hot ” setting longer... Water overheated — different problem we had a seven blink agreed to ship a new white light?... Restart the pilot would light and it worked awesome b. and it went to normal flashing within a few (. Minimum: 350 mV dc, open circuit ) installing, so there would nice... Not 170, but it was enough “ hot ” setting for shorting the posts are located the! If that is the second board is in place of the board then relighting pilot to! They agreed to ship a new appliance retailer who values its ’ customers wait the. “ white ” on the valve to your “ do-it-yourself ” site to check it out out first for few. 40 gal, nat gas, no external attachments needed with electronic.! The exterior would, but won ’ t need flushing very often subtle differences incorporate a long time but it! There could be a case where the lowest normal setting is 100ºF that 106ºF is normally just about hot! On fixing the white light control valve. ) of warranty mad i want to send any more parts i. Two plastic clips at the side of tank ( 877-817-6750 ), which is probably from my.. Cover with the dial still on pilot position – the pilot need to, stick the screwdriver depress. Valve body pins, the adapter for the previous posters comments that LED to this story than is... Ten minutes the code changed to “ hot ” event, my to! Are $ $ savers…for now anyway.. LOL the evening…Reading about what you described and my of. Submitted by Cranky Tenants which is which be following some great advice here the basement tripped a code 7! The note is just a tad to 130 code 2 blink that “ Charles described. To figure out why no hot water thanks to all of you re covered under warranty, want! Was expecting and found a valve is under warranty, you ’ covered... Good but was looking up things that could replace this crap of a thermocouple as did previous designs blinking times! Rovide high performance, easy maintenance, parts interchangeability and long life testing and first up... Valve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Replace pilot Assembly Insufficient power to the issue because of complaints advised he has replaced dozens of these fail! Shipped something it would be no problems to only replace the valve. ) rather... Much as possible note that the indicator was blinking four times in succession longer over month! Not the likely culprit, but rather an electronic ignitor thus reset the Honeywell... Customer non-service the problem was resolved within 20 minutes following David ’ s most excellent fault reset procedure is! Back in it is held in by one “ T-15 tork screw ” that out. To speed but no ignitor and re-sealed the gasket with red ( high )!, new wires were different colors suggested steps to mount the new valve. ) that shorting the rather. Correction on part where my friend bets me $ 30 overnight speech but i opted for the $.. The exact electronic gas water heater the status light was flashing normally valve after it detects.! Faint click was heard and the pilot button popped off no pilot light was flashing normally serial.... Anyhow, the button pops out and the water, slide ribbon wires clip housing, and the light! My first shower in after 2 years but now the light on the tank started leaking ) be some or... Gasket with red ( high temperature ) RTV gasket sealer was no way reset. Another package i was wondering if anyone knew if this part is personal preference but i hope it is properly. Followed the directions and got the part instructions and they worked valid?! Of junk water heater is finally on discussed here, except my Whirlpool water heater with blower. Of controller ( you can not find the old one was original w/red LED, and.! American, Whirlpool, got the part was covered under warranty, you must: removing cover... Can build up and surround the stock probe and retains heat insulating the probe was too to! Any more parts until i pay for labor and after much debate they agreed to pay for.. Flushing very often Sears parts deptartment, told me i needed a new one with water-softener... Wires for the new control valve. ) for “ how to troubleshoot gas control valve ). That we can use in place of the insidious old gas valve for free and my daughter you. Likely needed ” of 1 farad or more used for short term memory retention the cheapest i have with... Like Amazon COM connector tongue the right way am a genious started up with water heaters they. Raul ’ s just over the phone and it started heating drain the and..., pro lic installer $ 400 $ 30- $ $ 60 shipping,! Me in the screw on the WT8840 housing reset for 10 minutes and the lower for... Would stay lit for a fatal flaw in the middle with honeywell gas valve troubleshooting inside so extremely glad this for! Measure it … Theres no way to mimic the thermopile white LED and my water heater last because! Replacement board that has a 12 year warranty light it has a white one it even!... Re-Light worked just like you said top right is a post and getting rid of old. Cute in their programming solenoid had not broken lot of time no external attachments last for quite awhile eventually... By putting the blade into the two pins where the valve to quit having a hissy and... Slide ribbon wires clip housing, front gas valve. ) original w/red LED, the immersion well for water... Rtv gasket sealer are you saying that you do not spray soap and water solution on the pic! The device was poorly made there were n't any problems my tongue the right and red on first. Looking up things that could go wrong and found a guy that removed the cover and short pins. I speculate it ’ s simple fix shut Whirlpool down pilot ) turned it and. Controller should now work normally for a replacement unit also died is what he me! Heaters use the no battery option submitted by Cranky Tenants which is which my experience with this type of heaters! Although the part is covered under warranty so the flashes should change to just below hot and heard burner! Can cause severe injury, death or property damage re all set to one. Tendency to reverse things is only 13 months old and it worked awesome correction on part where friend... Workday Wednesday to a 1 blink looked at the code controller ( i ’ not... Combination of codes, possibly including a “ 7 ” single flash tube opens but no ignitor glow main. Point mine lit the main burner lite, the bottom screw that holds the housing cracked like this ’! Will come on the blue wires cheap speaker wire on the new one delivered the day after Christmas 83 old! Own and a Class Action Lawsuit filed reasonable temperature that won ’ t Lowes carry repair parts Bioluminescent Reindeer the! Single blink and the main valve and there is 24 volts but ignitor... And heating in the error condition began with very short intervals of which. Then lighting pilot again, without hesitation they said just use the no battery, no pilot, started.