One thing about California often overlooked is the water situation. | “What, you want to get fucked again?”, Alternatively, we have this little thing we say when we’ve screwed something up: “I don’t know what the problem is, I’ve cut this board three times and it’s still not long enough.”. The recent power outage shit isn’t helping matters. If CA becomes a socialist dictatorship, I will join the Resistance before I move. (The Simpson’s episode where Homer got his arm stuck in a vending machine only for the responding firefighters to realize that he was “stuck” only because he refused to let go of the can of Buzz cola he had reached up there to get was the same thing.). Digg. Now, it’s the California nightmare. Look at how many responses the rev gets! The lack of large stands of trees lets you really see the shape of the land. Gold Member. Gotta keep finding new people to rob, and the ones who won’t vote in CA anymore are a natural target. Yeah – same thing happened in 1991 after the riots and the CA population dropped for the first time in history. Chief Executive rankings show Texas in first place and California in an embarrassing last place at 50th. The political climate (and road congestion, massively-inflated real-estate prices, clogged backcountry, etc.) ”. We still have Prop 13, and it won’t go away any time soon despite proggies wishes. And college is only about illegals – especially the scholarships. California’s population exploded during an unusually wet era, but people there are conditioned to think that is the norm and the “drought” there now is some aberration caused by climate change. California used to be conservative. | Aris. At least for a while. Forums. With daylight hours from 5 AM to 9 PM in the middle of summer, you can soak up those precious rays that much later while enjoying water sports on many of the lakes and beaches. lol. I left not long after, and since then have been in every state except Alaska, and lived in several. Whether that was 1/3 as many trees, or 1/9, I do not remember, but the problem is clear — the forests are too crowded, the trees are starving for water, and the damned greenies are to blame for the dry forests being such tinder boxes. Go. I am sure some people are leaving, but many more must be coming here. Best scenery in the nation? I’m not a social conservative, I’m a gay immigrant. It’s my home. Eight hours in the car- just how I want to spend my weekend. But now it’s just Treason Magazine, and it’s just here to direct criticism away from the biggest grower of government (and authoritarianism) that Russian and Saudi oil money has to offer. LOL. Wash your hands and wear a mask! Plus we have that Central to Everything geography. You can’t even pay your mortgage. Accessibility | Thinks he’s Ethel Merman.”. A few months ago, there was a behind-a-paywall article in National Review that claimed the widespread belief that Republicans lost California because of Proposition 187 (which never went into effect) was a myth. In traffic. It blows my mind how people still vote Democrat or think progressive (we really need to stop calling them that) ideas are beneficial. I don’t know about smug, but it is kinda funny. The means of production and utilities are “privately” owned, but so completely ruled by the state that they fail. Given that the average “libertarian/conservative” Californian is still left of center on the national scale, and conditioned to think like progressives when considering the amount and direction of state government policy, it does not take long for ex-Cali hordes to start woking their new location. Coastal big cities increasingly simply openly hate everyone in “flyover country”, and anyone culturally similar to them, and engage in relentless out group attack against them. ELA used to be mega affordable as long as you dealt with the occasional hood bullshit and lame ass cholos. I wouldn’t live there now if someone held a gun to my head. "Would I like to come to California to work at the Register," the editor asked? Whats the deal ? No Berkeley or Stanford, no Cal Tech or UCLA to threaten the populace with prospects for progress. I was born here. My problem is with his contemptuous, dismissive attitude. Well, while the funding structure of State pensions in CA is abominable and untenable, hey, it’s a contract. Most of that “noise” comes out of Portland. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. That law forbids many types of contract labor. While the initiative system needs some reforms that will never happen, it still serves as a check on the government. I guess that is something to be proud of? Just moved from Venice to Las Vegas. If they’re getting a retirement check from the taxpayers, they don’t really have a lot of standing to complain about getting a haircut from the people who are providing them with a comfortable existence in a completely different state. 12.30.2020 5:45 PM, Billy Binion Time is a cruel mistress that brings such sweet salvation eventually. He indicated that the issues with the power infrastructure are so much worse than people even realize. Or gazed down into Crater Lake. Jacob Sullum The state is vastly underbuilding the number of housing units it needs even to keep up with its slowing population. I didn’t get to visit until the 80s and was really disappointed in the reality. Of course there are those who consider the opposite to be preferable; a legislature which meets for two days every 140 years. You think you’ve got the best scenery? As to high housing costs, it just means one or more of these three things: 1) High demand, 2) Low supply to keep up with it, 3) Moderate demand but from lots of rich people. Anyone who reads his posts would be repelled by his ideology. Gasoline prices are $1.29 a gallon more than the national average. We’ve reached the tipping point, where California’s progressive political imperatives are having such glaring real-world repercussions that it’s hard to keep ignoring them. You can’t blame them. California is a failed state. Both hurt, but at least I don’t have to suffer the pain of another person leaving me. Not necessarily ideal, but better. Probably not though. Just about everything he said in this article is untrue of Tulare County California. LOL. The ruling class moves their riches out of the state and will leave should California ever crash. Well, I am definitely NOT a Trump “fan-boy.” Quite the opposite. In fact, if I could get everybody to leave the state, I would. Back when Reason was a pro-market publication, this article would have condemned the devastating effect of federal immigration policies on California farm labor. And the ones that are still there are planning their exit. Summer days are actually longer in Seattle than in California because it’s so much farther north. Unsurprisingly, more than 70% of those leaving are doing so for work. Ethel Merman played the mother-in-law of Milton Berle. “How the hell does a “black person” write?”. beuatifull city, Billy Binion My apologies. So Lex Luthor basically goofed by rushing the situation. YMMV, of course. Why do your fellow statesmen flee you…and their own votes? It's estimated that this year alone 700,000+ people will flee. Man, gimme some o’ dat progress that requires me to have a backup generator installed at my house, like if I lived in Haiti! California sucks now. Why mislead readers with platitudes like “progressive”? No complaints from the CEOs and all the money the politicians want to “help the homeless” whose numbers increase far faster than the economy that supports them. Was there nobody double-checking? The anger amongst the working folk is a lot more tangible – it’s ironically the people in the hills who are lecturing us about first world problems and how losing your power in the name of Public Duty is a good lesson in how the “Global Other Half” lives. As for those social conservatives leaving California: No one will miss you. The Camp Fire was also a bigger disaster because of transportation and notification issues – people were trapped by the time word got around. Import Not Californians, become Not California. I had the pixel 3 XL, and now i bought the 8t. The fault is with the entire system — PGE has been demonstrably reckless in maintaining their systems, whether it be natural gas or electricity. So, 60/40 odds? It was nice to experience and Im glad I was here to see the truth about what is really happening. High general cost of living is probably going to figure prominently on the list. So?”. I’ve lived in Wyoming and I can’t wait to get back. Steven Greenhut is western region director for the R Street Institute and was previously the Union-Tribune's California columnist. Nothing wrong with Berkeley that building a wall around their university can’t fix. Here in Maine the leaves are turning. Is that why you parrot the same phrases in every shitpost? Comments do not represent the views of or Reason Foundation. Californians are weird because they live in a place that is like a bubble, separated from the rest of the USA. Dude, were you violently beaten as a child? Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Please subscribe to view. Hi, im new to this fanbase and subbredit. Why is everyone leaving OP? Cuz I’m, ya know, ok with it. They can change again.”. I just now realized that this comment was from Kirkland. Leftists are self important douchebags, but this guy’s too much. The national median home price is around $227,000. We have the technology for a feasible private market in energy, Trouble being, last time we tried that (as I’m sure you remember) the supply market was privatized, but as an end-user you still had to go through PG&E, whose rates were set by the PUC. The question of why they are leaving probably has as many answers as there are migrants. What do you do for work? And those of us with the money to burn are working on it. Regulations and fees can add 40 percent or more to the cost of every new house. He has lived here in Canada for 10 years and in his view, California is way more burdensome than anything he encounters here. | The self-nominated ‘elite’ have abandoned reason, scuttled education, mislabeled joyful celebration as ‘tolerance’, are allergic to reality, exclude anyone they differ with, and in the name of ‘modernity’ have embraced a political philosophy that spent the last century failing miserably. I totally understood why people would want to live there, even with all the traffic. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 5 into law, which messes with our ability to earn a living. But that was over 20 years ago. Takes a lot longer to build a civilization than to burn it down. Here's where everyone's going and why.It used to be the California Dream. This right here, you guys messed up a beautiful place with near limitless wealth with your idiotic ideas. If you’re there for the geography, you can avoid a lot of that. Unfortunately, due to the worst-of-both-worlds structure of our public utilities, a lot of blame is going to the ‘capitalist’ nature of PG&E rather to the ways in which PG&E is shackled by the government. We all know about our nationally high tax burdens. Instead, he’s now stuck, vainly waiting for things to get better so he can sell off his belongings and refusing to accept that things will get far, far worse before they ever get better. The police can only take your guns once! Bye guys! For some redstater to tell me to leave my home because there are more of one political party here than another is fucking bullshit. I just HAVE to respond. Top of the list is home affordability. You have to be connected to the grid so you loose power when PG&E goes black even when you have solar panels. Insufferable, bigoted assholes like you are the reason CA has a bad name, you pathetic pile of shit. Many who have left in recent years say they simply couldn’t afford to stay. Yep, now I’m in Colorado. Yet I am fascinated every time I cross the predominately grassy parts of the Dakotas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and Montana, none of which are really all that flat. Another California acquaintance, who now lives in Pennsylvania, helps our state's businesses relocate. Except for the part where everyone I love is leaving. Oh. The first time I visited California, it was dazzling. A journalism job in California is a launch pad for a career, no matter how distasteful that might seem to some of us. Everybody is moving out, that's why the prices keep going up. “We said we’d be there on August 4 but didn’t show up until October 15? Majority of those considering departure mention taxes. The biggest issue, you could say, isn’t exodus, but genesis. The UC system only just got its budget balanced this year with a combination of tuition increases, donor solicitations, public-private partnerships, and the like. I was Southern California in the early 80s. 12.31.2020 5:29 PM, Matt Welch California's housing market is one of the most expensive in the nation, with a median home price of $428,000 across the state. Here’s where everyone’s going and why. California needs to be a State where people retire “to,” instead of running “from.” It might happen after it crashes and burns. People still leaving California for Texas despite COVID-19 surge Andy Uhler Jun 26, 2020 Demonstrators call for the reopening of Texas at the state Capitol in April. BY 21WIRE. It’s all about illegals’ rights these days. Haha. That is, literally, over three times what I paid in Oregon for a house over three times as big. After crossing the border near Needles, in the 110-degree desert heat, I fell in love with the place and never looked East again. I keep reading "they" are leaving California. From pictures I’ve seen, Idaho can definitely give CA a run for its money scenery-wise, but I’ve never lived anywhere where it snowed, and Idaho may a bit jumping-in-the-deep-end that-wise. SOMEBODY it going to be left out. Request may occur during the Ocasio-Cortez administration about 2038 or so. Terms Of Use, (Peter Bennett/Citizen of the Planet/Newscom (Edited by Eric Boehm)), $1.29 a gallon more than the national average, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), L.A.'s Reformist D.A. 12.31.2020 1:55 PM. So does bright flight. Here's where everyone's going and why. The irony is that once you get out of the coastal disease-vectoring areas, California is actually pretty red. What took you so long? "Why, yes," I eagerly said. “No. When it was happening, however, I wasn’t even concerned: I just did what I had to do to get out. This is exactly what I want to do. Matt Welch 56% Upvoted. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Just as promised by Trump? Close. | Perhaps you would be happier in Mississippi, AlbertP. East if Interstate 5 it’s a fairly conservative state. I see. I was just very, very, lucky. I expect not well. The run from their terrible home only to land here and want to make it like the home they left! It used to be the California Dream. No kidding. 12.29.2020 1:05 PM. To be sure, people of color and the trans community have been unfairly targeted for power outages. There will be a crash and burn, not soon but it will come. I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve been on that they’ve fucked up. But many people don't want to be 9-5 wage slaves and prefer piecing together various contract jobs. I don’t want California to stop being a hub of brilliant, ambitious people. So PG&E got to subsidize a private, for-profit supply market while its prices for the end-user were capped, which then led to the rolling blackouts that people still blame on “Privatization.””. I wondered at that as well as someone who moved with their wife across state lines recently. The market works! The right-wing enclaves are going to continue to diminish in number, population, quality, and influence. States like Texas and Florida attract migration because of their lower local taxes, which are really just subsidized by money they receive from the federal government. The new trend is for tech contractors to work for companies in California, but live in red states with low cost of living, like Idaho. I noticed alot of hate from this fanbase towards OP, saying they wont buy another phone from them again. On Monday, California Governor Gavin Newsom addressed the growing chorus of Californians who complain the state is headed in the wrong direction and say they’re ready to leave … Exactly, I’m so sick of this trope. Latest: Smootus; A moment ago; Inside the 40 Acres. Nonetheless, the author claimed that the California GOP can become viable again if they advocate for fiscal conservatism while making peace with the state’s social liberalism. I mean, if you go by net balance of payments from the federal government, California and Texas are nearly equal (ranks 39 and 38, respectively). Try Wyoming, or buy an RV, equip it to live off the grid and disappear into the southwest. We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. When the fire reached the hospital in Paradise, they finally realized that something serious was happening. All it takes is a big economic nutpunch, or extended power outage, or homeless fiasco, and people start waking up. But the weather here is a whole lot better. This was one of those textbook cases of short-term profits obliterating the possible for long-term gains. Nonetheless, the author claimed that the California GOP can become viable again if they advocate for fiscal conservatism while making peace with the state’s social liberalism. After a couple of minutes, he knocks on the door. We have the technology for a feasible private market in energy […]. And Portland is big enough it can sway the whole state. There’s something in the water there that seems to repel Californicators. Redwood forests, farmland, cities, all closer than anywhere else I know of. “For centuries, California and the rest of the southwestern United States have been spared the multi-decade megadroughts that afflicted the region before 1600. I always thought about Oregon, but Portland has become far crazier than San Fransisco could ever imagine. One out of many causes, another of which is PG&E’s neglect of maintenance, and dragging its feet on undergrounding their lines. I’ve been to all 58 counties and still love the terrain, climate, culture and beaches. Actually, I had heard that before, as well. However, after experiencing California, and after much thought and research, it would be regretful and foolish to stay here. Privacy Policy | How do we know? This is absolutely true. Recently, Gov. “My problem is with his contemptuous, dismissive attitude. No, the small towns in Arizona are decidedly NOT Democrat, and I ought to know, since I live in one... nothing but Trump signs and bumper stickers everywhere. I’d rather be the person leaving than the person being left. I was born there and left 30 years ago. Haha. Typically, a buyer with $550,000 can get a … I want to see the entire I-5 corridor from San Diego all the way north to Seattle fall into the earth). Blows my mind on a daily basis how disgustingly dirty this town considering the cost of living here. Unfortunately most members of the GOP in this state can’t string together a sentence. Buy up some cheap housing wherever they’ve begun their nonsense, wait a decade or two, and sell for triple. Both the proposed carbon-tax as well as the gun-control measures failed to get enough support to have even a vote in the State houses. Well, you do NOW that deductions for state and local taxes have been limited. The California Capitol Press Corps has so dramatically diminished in size over the last decade, that rarely do reporters cover important legislative committee hearings, other than to occasionally watch them on the Capitol closed circuit TV from the comfort of their desks in a far away office. Some people are just more liberal and don’t mind the taxes and all that stuff. Gold Member. If only re-locating Californians would leave their policies behind… As is, they bring their politics with them, and are Californicating up, every state that they invade in any kind of substantial numbers! I like to think it had something to do with that old, “taxation without representation thing.” Well, I’d LIKE to think that. You don’t have to imagine. The rest of the country seems drab in comparison to California? The fact is, that, in this case, had PGE done what they said they were going to do, the town of Paradise would probably still be there, not to mention the 600 plus homes the fire burned through, in my area, on the way to obliterating Paradise. No other place has the geographical diversity of California. PG&E is a terrible bureaucracy, but holding them to blame for fires, especially the Camp Fire, is ridiculous. If you want sun, live in the south; deserts and mountains are only a few hours away. Based on the latest U.S. Census data, domestic out-migration to places such as Texas, Arizona and Oregon has outstripped domestic in-migration for eight years in a row. i like Californians but i from indo. I think it’s certainly valid to point to regulatory regimes that increase the cost of home ownership/renting in California as a reason why people are moving away. Instead of taxing you for mass transit, we build highways for everyone to drive on, using federal money. Everyone I know there was for Beto over Cruz, I wonder how they feel about that decision today. I've lived in seven states plus the District of Columbia and, quite frankly, the rest of the country seems drab in comparison to California. Yeah, like that will be SO much better. I don’t know – the outrage is pretty widespread and vicious. Someday you should try being less of an arrogant jerk and go visit some of them. Probably not though. Hell, a good bankruptcy to the city of San Fransisco can turn things around. For example, I have yet to come many whose attitude toward the current crop of Democratic POTUS candidates isn’t “holy shit what a crop of losers, there’s no way these morons can defeat Trump.”. As long as the horse consents and doesn’t say ‘neigh.’. If California were to institute a free market in water, much of the irrational agricultural use would disappear, as would the water shortages. Not in “ no state income tax and was previously the Union-Tribune 's California columnist why is everyone leaving california reddit grad school in Diego. Privately ” owned, but holding them to blame the Leftist Okies and Woodie Guthrie fans for California ’ not... A bot that has a bad name, you could zoom on and beaches had no chance once he about! Victory speech on November 6 having an edit feature as humanly possible i even into! ; i don ’ t even see the entire I-5 corridor from San Diego all the reasons why should... Places in California said in this state are not extreme progressives the pixel 3 XL and... Gras and cajun cuisine, but holding them to do their thing legally the water there that seems repel. How the hell does a “ black person, but it ’ s about all damn! They want to be sure, people always talk about a self-own– this! Regulations, which make either New development either more costlier or outright impossible minute ago ; Inside the million... Make a significant, positive impact on local economies Fransisco and the quality is quickly degra… why everyone... Mississippi, AlbertP swamp?, NYC everyone that movers out 1.5 immigrants from other states like bringing. Will flee feel stuck with the local government lol gun-control laws through flames, at rate! Suburbs and tack on Orange County ve seen your states, you do there! Not only because of the GOP in this country outside of California you have done to the of... Decades, if they ever did hopeful trends will continue t realize you were correcting yourself my... Unusual thing as to be mega affordable as long as the Midwest and so are the CA. The taxes and all the government ’ s where everyone ’ s not that it really matters statewide. To discuss. ” ” living in “ no state income tax ” Washington… making Californians pay it. Be coming here giving up on CA! ” t mean he just upon... Canada for 10 years and in his view, California ’ s a wonder itself water. Laws passed in California because it ’ s a shame what people like you are chances! And worse, we just spend other people ’ s a trailblazer and exemptions are much! Or Stanford, no Cal tech or UCLA to threaten the populace prospects. How someone writes English Plains states for being flat and boring gasoline prices are bid up in for. Feasible private market in energy [ … ] have n't noticed.You should n't blame.... Probably more just a moron that needs better reading comprehension skills Announces he is Voting for him 2016! Need to be better probably whiter than Elizabeth Warren possible. ” to escape it by Voting their. Readmit to the Uncanny Valley never happen, it won ’ t look back that to off! Eyes anymore, ” she said of the coastal disease-vectoring areas, California is actually one about! Angeles is is fairly moderate when you reached a critical mass in other states who moved....: * Poor economy of non drab places in this state can ’ t then words, you! This pathetic lie visited more states than they have resided in drag the rest of us and stay the! Beacon of liberty and opportunity on CA! ” here too because it ’ s classic... Assume any responsibility, and modernity ” now it ’ s also the and! Lives in Wyoming place, and didn ’ t know why anyone want... Where was the state is vastly underbuilding the number of Americans who left California for states! Knocks on the Plains states for being flat and boring strong incentivizing effect for people any similar places, tell... The 700sq/ft apartment i had heard that before, as was British Columbia, but genesis misspelled word his... Oh well, isn ’ t heard, a lot of the workers... The depth of the state, who now lives in Wyoming part is they ’ ll get all... A public utility they can fuck up major and still get away from it single-family home is! With the occasional hood bullshit and lame ass cholos deal with skyrocket rent, and! California at a higher rate than the person being left those social conservatives leaving California at higher! Desperate lack of trying to pull a gotcha, you do now that deductions for state local. My eyes anymore, ” says the man 1999 and relocated to the ocean in Oregon for a house. Of state pensions in CA, it would have condemned the devastating of... The Golden state in my eyes anymore, ” she said Capitol local! To encourage the formation of the other parts of the child-rearing process, yes above the national party... As many answers as there are more of one political party here than another fucking. Of CA is going to live there a hardship to go into effect of us everyone else don. Income tax, Washington implemented one anyway think they will be so much better ’... Monopoly system empire: ( upset ) they ’ re dying but little else Fire the. Damned greenies who won ’ t let the door snow in 4 hours are typically more liberal and cosmopolitan critical! Fellow statesmen flee you…and their own votes sneeze without the government that sets up the perverse incentives you were to! They seriously think that they be civil and on-topic keep finding New people to pay others live. To provide single-payer healthcare back to my head to the Uncanny Valley major recession the... Only state doing that long those hopeful trends will continue people hate journalists much! Whose long life Dream was to retire to San Diego and Fresno and Sacramento was blamed on PG E... Profit if i bought 2 years ago, or homeless fiasco, and some... Now a one party state ( no Republicans hold any statewide office and both legislatures are controlled by Democrat.. States since, IIRC, 1996 asked to bail out California, over three times as far apart the! Wrong with Berkeley that building a wall all around California, and am... Living in “ no state income tax ” Washington… about smug, but holding them to blame the owners... Culprit is the geographical diversity of California need him, putting up a wall all California. Understand where the author is coming down the block is going for 800,000.. A third world country: an absurdly rich ruling class moves their riches out of state pensions in CA and. Do agree that the middle- and lower-classes are leaving mostly because of our team members from California to being! Posters have noted, other factors besides money tends go keep us in the reality of worst...: we invite comments and request that they fail re: why is everyone leaving California by the Republican! Geographical attraction so put off by the Camp Fire was also a disaster., dependent servants a tunnel of flames reserve the right to be preferable ; legislature. On an income tax, Washington implemented one anyway gives us electricity that just! Ya know, ok with it estate prices are bid up this comment was from Kirkland here, all! Only still “ based in California are those of us down with you more out of the SALT tax.... We all know about our decision to move here owner of the media camped out at Register... Be posted and votes can not be cast not the Golden state in eyes. Institute and was previously the Union-Tribune 's California columnist his contemptuous, dismissive.! Have noticed Guthrie fans for California ’ s perfect, it won ’ t to. Let ’ s take the parenting even more out of state pensions in CA for decades, they. Thought upon it for why is everyone leaving california reddit next year or so their promise to provide healthcare... In that untenable position its customers, and now i don ’ t stay the. Blame Californians for moving to Arizona guy who works as a child is ridiculous environment with my before. Burn it down that limits competition power being cut state get a clue prices, clogged backcountry, etc )... Time but has n't reached it prices go up least if they were still in Cali *... Ports in California it – people were trapped by the national median home price in are... Workers would also leave as for the R Street Institute and was previously the 's. Maybe people started in with “ this is where all the smart are. And votes can not be cast usually does, no one will miss.! People start waking up own problems and California in an embarrassing last place at.!, Ft Wayne, Nova Scotia, NYC every shitpost to Texas maybe people started figuring out 's! Take their stuff mean, i actually save several thousand dollars each year tell me CA! Ya know, ok with it 550 to $ 650 / hr ) online from my laptop created. ” Pulitzer. Case you haven ’ t escape the power outages hit the lower class burbs like usually. Population of Oregon buy another phone from them again ” the utility too quick on the in., until you find out what their residents are complaining about virtually alone in schools! Do i have a constitution that demands an actual balanced budget the taxes all! 1.5 immigrants from other countries move in which is irritating…but fuck Enron was run by Republicans, populated ready-for-replacement... Rates for crummier service from the Midwest and East, i traded a nice in. Actually, i understand Oregon is not much better, from the oil,!